"This County Could Create The Strictest Workplace Heat Rules In The U.S."

"Miami-Dade County commissioners on Tuesday will decide whether to establish the first county-level workplace heat protections in the United States, a test of whether local governments can protect workers from increasingly dangerous temperatures in the absence of federal rules."

Source: Washington Post, 11/07/2023

Reporting on Environmental Solutions and Equity — at a Watershed Scale

Reporting on interconnected ecosystems lends itself to better environmental stories, and so tracing how water moves across landscapes, communities, industries and regulatory schemes can help the public connect the dots. That’s how Annie Ropeik, who helps run the Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk, sees the watershed beat. She shares expert views and offers insights for environment journalists to use in their reporting.

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Coal Ash: "Alabama In Billion-Dollar Showdown With EPA"

"It’s a billion-dollar decision. Probably many billions. And people all around Alabama are waiting anxiously for the feds to decide what happens next. Can Alabama leave its 100 million tons of coal ash where the utilities dumped it, in unlined ditches along the rivers across the state?"

Source: Birmingham News, 11/03/2023

"King Tide Floods Offer Glimpse Of Miami’s Soggy, Salty Future"

"The roar of a generator overwhelmed the quiet burbling of water at the Little River Pocket Park on Monday. It hadn’t rained in days, but the park — and several nearby streets — were under nearly two feet of water from this year’s king tides, the annual highest tides of the year."

Source: Miami Herald, 11/02/2023

Louisiana Was Open To Cancer Alley Concessions. Then EPA Dropped Probe

"For more than a year, the Environmental Protection Agency investigated whether Louisiana officials discriminated against Black residents by putting them at increased cancer risk. Federal officials said they had found evidence of discrimination and were pressuring the state to strengthen oversight of air pollution from industrial plants."

Source: AP, 11/02/2023

Here Are Costly Options To Fix New Orleans Saltwater Intrusion For Good

"Thanks to a changing climate and a deeper navigation channel in the Mississippi River, the saltwater intrusion that has threatened New Orleans area drinking water supplies this year is expected to become more frequent. The scale of the crisis has sparked calls for a permanent solution. While there is no shortage of ideas, they all come with a huge price and no certainty about who will pay for them."

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 10/31/2023

"New Fines Aim To Stem The Tide Of 'Orphan' Oil And Gas Wells In Louisiana"

"Louisiana has increased fines for inactive oil and gas wells in an effort to reduce the number of polluting and dangerous wells that are eventually abandoned and made the responsibility of the state."

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 10/31/2023

Buffalo National River Redesignation Draws Huge Crowd To Small Arkansas Town

"JASPER — A sign on the way into this Newton County town states its population is 547. On Thursday evening, more than twice that number, upwards of 1,185 people, squeezed into the cafeteria at the local high school."

Source: States Newsroom, 10/30/2023
February 18, 2024 to February 23, 2024

AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting

Press registration is open for the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting, co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union, the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography and The Oceanography Society (TOS), in New Orleans. Complimentary for staff, freelance and student journalists.



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