LA Beaches Close After 17m Gallons Of Untreated Sewage Discharged Into Bay

"Seventeen million gallons of untreated sewage were discharged into California’s Santa Monica Bay between Sunday evening and early Monday morning, spurring beach closures, as well as criticism of how health officials notified the public about potential safety risks."

Source: Guardian, 07/15/2021

Illegal Pot Invades Calif. Deserts, Brings Violence, Ecological Destruction

"Before his corpse was dumped in a shallow grave 50 miles north of Los Angeles, Mauricio Ismael Gonzalez-Ramirez was held prisoner at one of the hundreds of black-market pot farms that have exploded across California’s high desert in the last several years, authorities say."

Source: LA Times, 07/12/2021

"California And Other Parts Of The West Broil And Burn"

"Firefighters working in searing heat struggled to contain the largest wildfire in California this year while state power operators urged people to conserve energy after a huge wildfire in neighboring Oregon disrupted the flow of electricity from three major transmission lines."

Source: AP, 07/12/2021

As Climate Change Brings Extreme Heat Events, Human Health Is a Casualty

With heat waves driven by global warming pounding parts of the western United States this summer, environmental journalists mustn’t overlook the toll on especially vulnerable populations, among them disadvantaged groups, the elderly, those in low-income housing and more. The latest Issue Backgrounder helps reporters understand heat’s health effects, track heat-vulnerable populations and clarifies how communities can prepare and prevent the worst public health impacts.

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July 24, 2021

DEADLINE: The Media in Color Creators Lab

Media in Color is taking applications until July 24, 2021 for the FREE Creators Lab, a 90-day remote program that will guide journalists and community members in launching and sustaining projects aimed at filling the news and information gap for one of California’s underserved communities of color. Starts Sep 9.

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"It’s Some of America’s Richest Farmland. But What Is It Without Water?"

"A California farmer decides it makes better business sense to sell his water than to grow rice. An almond farmer considers uprooting his trees to put up solar panels. Drought is transforming the state, with broad consequences for the food supply."

Source: NYTimes, 06/29/2021

"California Oil Regulators Delay Health, Safety Rules Again"

"It’s been a year and a half since California Gov. Gavin Newsom directed oil regulators to consider new health and safety measures to protect people living near oil and gas drilling sites. But those regulators missed another deadline Monday for releasing the rules, frustrating environmental advocates who say communities can’t wait any longer for change."

Source: AP, 06/23/2021


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