"Lawmakers Push to Ban Russian Oil Imports, Amid White House Resistance"

"Republicans and Democrats in Congress are pushing President Biden to ban Russian energy imports as they search for new ways to punish Moscow for its bloody invasion of Ukraine, even as the White House resists the idea, which it argues would drive up the price of gasoline and other energy costs for Americans."

Source: NYTimes, 03/04/2022

"Oil Industry Stirs Blowback After Weaving War Into U.S. Lobbying"

Industry executives and their allies on Capitol Hill are citing the war in a push for long-sought policy goals such as pipeline approvals, expanded exports of natural gas and more drilling rights -- even as the White House says companies aren’t making full use of the permits they already have."

Source: Bloomberg, 03/02/2022

US Oil Industry Leaps On Invasion Of Ukraine To Argue For More Drilling

"The US oil and gas industry is using Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to pressure the Biden administration to throw open more land and ocean for domestic drilling and to loosen regulations for large companies attempting to ramp up their fossil fuel extraction."

Source: Guardian, 02/28/2022


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