"Global Study Of 71,000 Animal Species Finds 48% Are Declining"

"A new study evaluating the conservation status of 71,000 animal species has shown a huge disparity between “winners” and “losers.” Globally, 48% of species are decreasing, 49% remain stable, and just 3% are rising. Most losses are concentrated in the tropics."

Source: Mongabay, 06/06/2023

Whether Wetlands or Blacktop, Land Cover Database Provides Foundation for Environmental Reporting

For journalists looking to understand the condition of U.S. rangeland, forests or urban pavement, a high-quality government dataset collected via Landsat can help. And for data geeks who want to go a step further and illuminate human impacts on the environment, mapping overlays on the Landsat data can do the trick. Find out more in the new Reporter’s Toolbox.

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Brazil's Indigenous People Protest As Lawmakers Vote To Limit Land Rights

"Lawmakers in Brazil approved a proposal that opponents argue will gut Indigenous land rights and environmental protection. The fast-track approval highlights the strength of Brazil's powerful agriculture industry. Indigenous leaders vow more protests."

Source: NPR, 06/01/2023

"Lula Summons Ministers As Congress Seeks To Dilute Environmental Powers"

"Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Thursday summoned his environmental and indigenous affairs ministers for emergency talks after a congressional committee passed a bill gutting the ministries' environmental oversight powers."

Source: Reuters, 05/26/2023

On the Front Lines, When Wildfires Turn Personal

Forest fires have grown increasingly dangerous in a warming climate, a subject freelance journalist Jane Braxton Little has covered extensively in recent years. But her reporting turned personal when the rampaging Dixie Fire destroyed her small California town. As she explains in the new Inside Story Q&A, the wildfire disaster gave her a perspective no reporter would wish for.

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