Judge Rules Citizen Lawsuit Can Proceed Against WV Gov's Coal Companies

"A federal judge has denied a request by coal companies owned by the family of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice to dismiss a lawsuit over selenium violations at a southern West Virginia coal mine."

Source: WV Public Broadcasting, 06/05/2020

"‘Going in the Wrong Direction’: More Tropical Forest Loss in 2019"

"Destruction of tropical forests worldwide increased last year, led again by Brazil, which was responsible for more than a third of the total, and where deforestation of the Amazon through clear-cutting appears to be on the rise under the pro-development policies of the country’s president."

Source: NYTimes, 06/05/2020

"Public Rebuts Alaska Rainforest Logging, Roadless Exemption Plan"

"The public is broadly opposed to the Trump administration’s plan to open most of the world’s largest remaining coastal temperate rainforest to logging and road-building, according to an internal U.S. Forest Service report."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 05/20/2020

"Wildland Fire Camps Need Dramatic Change Amid COVID-19 Pandemic"

"When a wildfire explodes out of control and threatens property and lives, thousands of firefighters and support crews rush to the scene from around the country and even the world. Almost overnight a small city sprouts up, with firefighters camped in dense rows of tents in fields and eating in crowded mess halls."

Source: NPR, 05/08/2020


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