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"Cancer Alley Case Gets Surprising Support"

"Mossville Louisiana sits in the shadow of 14 petrochemical refineries. When residents felt the US Government wasn’t protecting their right to a healthy environment, they reached past the American regulators, legislators and courts to take their case to the highest human rights court in the western hemisphere."

Source: Living on Earth, 08/01/2011

"No Cell Phone/Children's Cancer Risk? The Media Might Be Wrong"

"The results of an unprecedented study published yesterday in the Journal of The National Cancer Institute have been rocketing around the Internet: 'Study Sees No Cellphone-Cancer Ties' .... [But] at least two prominent environmental health groups believe the study is fundamentally flawed... [and] 'actually quite troubling.'" The study was funded in part by a cell phone industry group."

Source: Atlantic, 07/29/2011

"Only One Deadly Strain of E. Coli Is Illegal"

"The food-safety world knows there are a half-dozen or more lethal forms of E. coli ending up in our meat or on our leafy greens that are so virulent they can send people to the hospital and even kill them. But in the United States only one, E. coli O157:H7, is officially termed an adulterant, meaning any raw ground beef that tests positive for it cannot be sold for human consumption."

Source: USA TODAY, 07/27/2011

EPA May Finally Release Final Ozone Standards

The standards were initially scheduled to be released in August 2010, then October 2010, after EPA determined that the ones approved during the George W. Bush administration weren't grounded in science, didn't protect public health with an adequate margin of safety, and didn't protect the environment.

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