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E-Cigarette Makers Lobby Hard To Shape Rules for Fast-Growing Industry

"The giants of the tobacco industry know what it’s like to face heavy government regulation. So as the makers of Marlboro, Newport and Camel enter the booming market for electronic cigarettes, they are pressing to keep their new products free of such strict oversight."

Source: Wash Post, 10/08/2013

Residents Want Answers from Wisc. Officicals on Frac Sand Plants

"NEW AUBURN, Wisc. --  Frances Sayles is cleaning her counters and vacuuming her home more often in an attempt to keep a never-ending stream of sand at bay. But it is not just the cleaning that concerns her. She also worries about her health."

November 7, 2013 to November 8, 2013

Workshop on Identifying and Reducing Environmental Health Risks of Chemicals in Our Society

The IOM's Roundtable on Environmental Health Sciences, Research, and Medicine will host a free workshop (in Washington, DC and live webcast) on Identifying and Reducing Environmental Health Risks of Chemicals in Our Society. Industrial chemicals include chemicals used in industrial processes or commercial products, not including those found in food, pesticides, or pharmaceuticals. Registration required.

Topics on the Beat: 

Kalamazoo River: "Public Health Report on 2010 Oil Spill Released"

"MARSHALL, Mich. -- People who canoe on, or wade or swim in, the Kalamazoo River near Marshall in southwestern Michigan are not expected to suffer any long-term harm from chemicals left in the water when an oil pipeline burst in 2010, according to a state report."

Source: AP, 10/01/2013

Fracking Chemicals May Be Unknown, Even To Gas Drillers, Docs Suggest

"Critics of hydraulic fracturing, known widely as 'fracking,' have been pushing hard for natural gas companies to disclose all of the chemicals in the fluids that are used in the process. But what if the companies themselves don't even know what those chemicals are?"

Source: Huffington Post, 09/27/2013


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