"Greenpeace Exposes Toxic Chemicals in Fashionable Clothing"

"BEIJING -- Some of the world’s best known fashion retailers are selling clothing contaminated with hazardous chemicals that break down to form hormone-disrupting or cancer-causing chemicals when released into the environment, finds a report issued [Tuesday] by Greenpeace International in Beijing."

Source: ENS, 11/21/2012

"Greenpeace Scolds Outdoor Apparel Makers for Chemical Use"

"'Leave only footprints' may be the outdoor industry ethos, but Greenpeace says a study it recently conducted revealed troubling indications that the apparel made for outdoor recreation contains persistent chemicals, some of which are linked to negative health effects in both humans and animals."

Source: Outside, 11/13/2012

"Google's Street View Goes Into The Wild"

"Google's Street View maps are headed into the backcountry. Earlier this week, two teams from Google strapped on sophisticated backpacks jammed with cameras, gyroscopes and other gadgets and descended to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. But this is just the first step in the search giant's plan to digitally map and photograph the world's wild places."

Source: NPR, 10/24/2012


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