Climate Change

NOAA Arctic Report Card

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's newly released Arctic Report Card update indicates a "return to previous Arctic conditions is unlikely. Record temperatures across Canadian Arctic and Greenland, a reduced summer sea ice cover, record snow cover decreases and links to some Northern Hemisphere weather support this conclusion."

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Gulf Oil Leak Shrouds Climate Change But Still Holds Key Issues

For journalists covering major energy- and environment-related stories and natural disasters, the visually gushing BP Gulf of Mexico oil leak easily supplanted climate change and other national stories in the steadily shrinking news hole. Yet there are striking parallels between the sudden and in-your-face Gulf BP spill and the incremental and nonlinear climate change issue.

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"Climate Change Doubt Is Tea Party Article of Faith"

For Tea Party activists in Indiana, manmade climate change is a 'flat-out lie.' For them, Rush Limbaugh and the Bible speak with more scientific authority than scientists, scientific organizations, or research institutes. One consequence is that a Democrat who voted for cap-and-trade is endangered.

Source: NYTimes, 10/21/2010

Billionaire Climate Denial Funders Plot with Beck, Industries, Media

The billionaire Koch brothers, who are estimated to have given as much as $50 million to anti-environemental groups, meet twice yearly with major industries to coordinate right-wing efforts to eliminate 90 percent of all laws. Those in on the planning include the Wall St. Journal's Stephen Moore and Fox News' Glenn Beck.

Source: Think Progress, 10/21/2010


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