Climate Change

Maui Has Begun Managed Retreat. It Wants Big Oil to Pay the Cost.

"With nearly 300 miles of coastline, the Hawaiian islands that make up Maui County face the threat of sea level rise from all sides. It's that assault that has formed the foundation of a lawsuit Maui filed this week against 20 fossil fuel companies seeking compensation for the rising costs of climate change."

Source: InsideClimate News, 10/15/2020

"Barrett's Climate Answers Raise Question: Is She A Denier?"

"Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett called climate change 'a contentious matter' and declined to acknowledge the existence of the scientifically established phenomenon during the third day of her confirmation hearing."

Source: E&E News, 10/15/2020

"Solar Expected To Dethrone Coal, Become ‘New King Of Electricity,’"

"In 2010, the International Energy Agency called coal “the backbone of global electricity generation” in its outlook for the next decade of worldwide energy markets. On Tuesday, the Paris-based intergovernmental organization said renewables would make up 80% of new power generation by 2030, overtaking the fossil fuels that presently dominate electricity production."

Source: HuffPost, 10/14/2020

"On Climate, Amy Coney Barrett Demurs, “I’m Not a Scientist.”"

"There is this existential threat facing humanity. You might have heard about it. Maybe if you’re President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court that Republicans are rushing through before the election, you will admit to having read something about it."

Source: Mother Jones, 10/14/2020


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