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December 5, 2023

Google News Lab — Visualizations

Learn how to use Google’s tools to visualize your stories, from making simple GIFs to building a range of engaging graphics in Flourish. We’ll also look at Google’s mapping tools and the Google Earth suite of products, including how to create storytelling projects, fly-over animations and timelapses. Noon ET.

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November 30, 2023

SciLine Media Briefing: Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in the U.S.

SciLine's next media briefing will cover the latest research-backed information about abandoned oil and gas wells in the U.S., including where they are, why it's so hard to find them, their greenhouse gas and other emissions, and the costs of finding and capping them. 2:00 p.m. ET.

December 4, 2023

Built This Way: Why Buildings Contribute So Much to Climate Change, and How Their Outsized Impact Holds The Key To Decarbonizing the World

Project Drawdown's webinar will explore how buildings contribute to climate change – including processes you may not have even known connected to the buildings around you; explain why climate solutions and climate problems are tricky to untangle in this sector; and discuss solutions. Noon ET.

Topics on the Beat: 

"Environmental Groups Cut Programs as Funding Shifts to Climate Change"

"The Natural Resources Defense Council is eliminating its longstanding program promoting nuclear safety and cleanup as donors focus on the climate crisis." "A significant shift in donor contributions to nonprofits fighting climate change in recent years has left some of the nation’s biggest environmental organizations facing critical shortfalls in programs on toxic chemicals, radioactive contamination and wildlife protection."

Source: NYTimes, 11/09/2023

Farm Bill Faces Battle As GOP Pushes To Strip Climate, SNAP Funding

"Congress appears unlikely to pass a new farm bill by the end of this year amid standoffs over Republicans’ push to extend subsidies to three specific Southern crops — at the potential cost of billions in both food aid and popular farm conservation programs."

Source: The Hill, 11/09/2023


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