Recycled Sewage Water — Overcoming the ‘Yuck Factor’

Toilet-to-tap water jokes aside, the technology and economics of turning sewage into potable drinking water is increasingly seen as a remedy for water-stressed communities. The new BookShelf review of “Purified: How Recycled Sewage is Transforming Our Water,” explains how water shortages, climate change, unsustainable growth and other factors have led some communities, most recently Los Angeles, to consider going “all in” on purified wastewater.

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California Exports Hazardous Waste. Mexico Neighborhood Shows Consequences

"An ongoing CalMatters investigation has shown how California companies and governments avoid the Golden State’s strict environmental regulations by shipping toxic waste across state borders. New reporting shows how California exports the risk to Mexico."

Source: CalMatters, 12/21/2023

Calif. OKs New Rules For Turning Wastewater Directly Into Drinking Water

"When a toilet is flushed in California, the water can end up in a lot of places: An ice skating rink near Disneyland, ski slopes around Lake Tahoe, farmland in the Central Valley. And — coming soon — kitchen faucets."

Source: AP, 12/20/2023

"In EPA’s New Methane Rule, An Innovative Way To Stop ‘Super Emitters’"

"Scientists with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory were flying a plane equipped with a visible-infrared imaging spectrometer over an oil field in California’s San Joaquin Valley when they made a worrisome discovery. Images produced by the device revealed a large plume of methane lingering in the air."

Source: Grist, 12/15/2023

"California Gas Tax Revenue Will Drop By $6 Billion, Threatening Roads"

"California’s funding from gas taxes will drop by nearly $6 billion in the next decade due to the state’s electric car rules and other climate programs, “likely resulting in a decline in highway conditions for drivers,” according to a new state analysis released today."

Source: CalMatters, 12/15/2023


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