October 4, 2023

SWCC Webinar: The Lure of the Preprint — The Risks and Opportunities of Un-Peer-Reviewed Science

Preprints offer an opportunity to cover research when it is very fresh. But they also come with risks. This virtual workshop, 12:00 PM, EDT, is hosted by Science Writers and Communicators of Canada. It will not be recorded or available online afterwards. $15 for members and $30 for non-members.

Topics on the Beat: 

"Antarctica Just Hit A Record Low In Sea Ice — By A Lot"

"Sea ice levels around Antarctica just registered a record low — and by a wide margin — as winter comes to a close, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). This significant milestone adds worry that Antarctic sea ice may be entering a state of decline brought on by climate change."

Source: Washington Post, 09/27/2023

"The Human Limit: The Inequality Of Heat"

"After the third day without power, the residents of Kasia Bagan had had enough. Their city of Kolkata was in the midst of a blistering heat wave, with temperatures rising to 105 degrees, making life in the narrow lanes and in their tiny one-room homes nearly unbearable."

Source: Washington Post, 09/26/2023

Biden Tells Pacific Islands Leaders That He Will Act On Climate

"President Joe Biden on Monday told leaders from the 18-member Pacific Islands Forum that he has heard their warnings about the impact of climate change on their region and that his administration is committed to helping them meet the challenge."

Source: AP, 09/26/2023
October 2, 2023

DEADLINE: Reporting for a Livable Earth: Communicating Science, Facts and Action

This online seminar, Oct 4 and 5, 2023, 7:00-8:30 a.m. EDT, is open to English-speaking journalists who report on climate change and sustainable development and are currently collaborating with at least one media outlet of global, regional or national reach. Three participants could be awarded a story grant. Apply by Oct 2.



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