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"Thunberg, Indigenous Protesters Block Norway Energy Ministry Over Wind Farms"

"Environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg and dozens of other activists on Monday blocked entrances to Norway's energy ministry, protesting against wind turbines built on land traditionally used by indigenous Sami reindeer herders."

Source: Reuters, 02/27/2023

"Australia To Make Area The Size Of Germany A Marine Park In Southern Ocean"

"The Australian government plans to make an area about the size of Germany in the Southern Ocean a marine zone, strengthening protections around Macquarie Island for millions of penguins and seals."

Source: Guardian, 02/23/2023

"Floating Ice Around Antarctica Just Hit A Record Low"

"The amount of floating sea ice encircling Antarctica reached the lowest level ever recorded, scientists reported Tuesday, a sign that one of the most remote and mysterious facets of the climate system may, at last, be responding to the overall planetary warming trend."

Source: Washington Post, 02/16/2023

"How Tensions With Russia Are Jeopardizing Key Arctic Research"

"With the Ukraine war, international collaborations with Russia on Arctic research and governance have been strained or broken off. This loss of critical cooperation is compromising efforts to confront mounting environmental risks in the Arctic, from shrinking sea ice to pollution."

Source: YaleE360, 02/08/2023
January 31, 2023

DEADLINE: Rest of World Photography Contest

Submit a single image made within the last three years showing how technology impacts you and your communities. Open to photographers of any skill level, living and working in the non-Western world. First-place winner receives $1,000; second-place $500; third-place $250. Deadline is Jan 31, 2023.

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January 31, 2023

DEADLINE: CASW's GEOTRACES Reporting Fellowship in Antarctica

The Council for the Advancement of Science Writing's fellowship (and $15,000 grant) is for an early-career journalist to accompany an oceanographic expedition to Antarctica, Nov 2023-Jan 2024, investigating how rapid glacier melting and associated processes are affecting the chemistry of the world’s oceans. Deadline: Jan 31, 2023.

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"The Arctic Is Becoming Wetter and Stormier, Scientists Warn"

"As humans warm the planet, the once reliably frigid and frozen Arctic is becoming wetter and stormier, with shifts in its climate and seasons that are forcing local communities, wildlife and ecosystems to adapt, scientists said Tuesday in an annual assessment of the region."

Source: NYTimes, 12/14/2022


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