Indian Companies Bring Ultra-Toxic Industry To Africa. People Getting Sick

"Families near battery recycling plants face “dangerous" levels of lead in their blood and in soil, testing shows."

"At noon, dusk, and in the dead of night, Cyrille Traoré Ndembi grabs his phone and films his nearest neighbor.

The battery recycling factory roars, rattling Ndembi’s bed. Its chimneys belch smoke into the air, sending bitter odors through the windows of the family’s concrete home. Ndembi’s front garden, where his children play, is sprinkled with a black dust laced with lead — one of the most dangerous metals on the planet.

Ndembi calls one chimney “the tower of death.”"

Will Fitzgibbon reports for The Examination December 4, 2023.

Source: The Examination, 12/08/2023