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May 1, 2023

DEADLINE: Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) Grants

FIJ awards grants up to $10,000 for stories that break new ground and expose wrongdoing in the public and private sectors. Next deadline is May 1, 2023. Plus, expedited grants for urgent stories, follow-up grants for timely stories after initial investigations and emergency grants for stories on threats to democracy in the U.S (rolling).


"Ski Resorts Blow Fake Snow For A 'Brown' Winter"

"Across the Midwest and northeast this weekend, ski resort towns are celebrating the arrival of winter for the first time this season. Terry Hill has been renting out cabins near Baxter State Park in Maine in 30 years, where she says they only received about four to five inches of snow on Saturday. She usually rents her cabins to those who like to snowmobile, but those cabins are empty right now. She says Maine needs a couple more big storms to make up lost ground for what's been a brown winter."

Source: NPR, 01/16/2012
October 17, 2022

DEADLINE: Cinema Verde International Environmental Film & Arts Festival

Calling all filmmakers, students and nature lovers! Submit your film to the Feb 2023 Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival, founded by SEJ member Trish Riley. The event will feature documentaries, shorts and student films. Deadlines: May 27 (early); Aug 27 (regular); Oct 17 (late).

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