Natural Resources

USGS Minerals Report: A Tale of Economy and Environment

Many story leads are tucked away in this 196-page report: recession impacts from drops in extraction and consumption, increases in importation of key materials, insights on stories related to climate change and air pollution, and much more. 

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Firearms Now Allowed in Parks; Rules Eased in Refuges

Educating your audience about the complicated new law will be a useful public service. It will also familiarize you with the people involved at your local facilities, what steps they are taking, and who you can contact if a shooting incident or other violation occurs.

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"British Columbia Bans Mining, Drilling in Flathead River Valley"

"Mining and drilling for oil, gas and coal will be banned in the Canadian portion of the Flathead River Basin, under a new partnership with the state of Montana announced Tuesday in British Columbia's Speech from the Throne, an annual address that identifies the Province's legislative priorities for the coming year."

Source: ENS, 02/12/2010


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