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EPA Moves To Ban Endosulfan for Risks to Farm Workers and Wildlife

"The EPA, declaring that endosulfan is unsafe for farm workers, moves to ban one of the last organochlorine pesticides left in the United States. Like DDT, endosulfan accumulates in the environment and in the bodies of people and wildlife, and is transported around the world to remote places."

Source: EHN, 06/10/2010

"UNESCO Approves 13 New Biosphere Reserves for Enhanced Protection"

"Ethiopia and Zimbabwe have added their first biosphere reserves to the network of reserves created by the United Nations to halt the loss of biodiversity and promote sustainable development. One of the two new Ethiopian reserves protects the place of origin of the plant Caffea Arabica, believed to be the first species of coffee ever cultivated."

Source: ENS, 06/08/2010


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