"Regulators Rebuke PG&E For Neglect In Reducing Wildfire Risk"

"California regulators are stepping up their oversight of Pacific Gas & Electric after finding that the nation’s largest utility has neglected the maintenance of an electrical grid that has ignited a series of deadly wildfires in Northern California and forced periodic blackouts affecting millions of people."

Source: AP, 04/16/2021

"The Next Aliso Canyon Could Happen On L.A.’S Westside"

"The sludgy geyser of gas, water and mud startled residents of Marina del Rey. ... The geyser most likely spewed from a naturally occurring underground gas pocket, state officials concluded. But for Angelenos, it was a dramatic reminder of the legacy of fossil fuel extraction on the city’s Westside — a legacy felt to this day."

Source: LA Times, 04/15/2021

California Unveils Sweeping Wildfire Prevention Plan Amid Record Losses

"After the worst fire season in California history and as drought conditions raise fears of what’s to come, Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders unveiled a $536-million proposal Thursday to boost efforts at firefighting and a variety of prevention measures, including vegetation management and the construction of fire-resistant structures across the state."

Source: LA Times, 04/12/2021

In Hotter Climate, 'Zombie' Urchins Are Winning, Kelp Forests Are Losing

"Purple sea urchins have exploded in recent years off California, covering the ocean floor in what divers describe as a "purple carpet." And they devour kelp: the once-lush forests of seaweed that hugged the coastline are disappearing."

Source: NPR, 04/01/2021

"On Tap In California: Another Drought Four Years After Last"

"California’s hopes for a wet “March miracle” did not materialize and a dousing of April showers may as well be a mirage at this point. The state appears in the midst of another drought only a few years after a punishing 5-year dry spell dried up rural wells, killed endangered salmon, idled farm fields and helped fuel the most deadly and destructive wildfires in modern state history."

Source: AP, 04/01/2021


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