Wild Meat Consumption Leads To Increased Risk Of Zoonotic Diseases: UN

"The capture of wild animals for domestic consumption not only poses a threat to protected migratory species but also significantly increases the risk of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19, according to a United Nations report released Wednesday.

Hunting such animals for consumption within national borders is taking a toll on most terrestrial species protected under the U.N.’s Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), a news release accompanying the study said.

The report, published by CMS and the U.N. Environment Program, also found strong evidence linking “wild meat taking and consumption” to zoonotic diseases like the coronavirus that are transmitted from animals to humans."

Sharon Udasin reports for The Hill September 15, 2021.


"Eating Wild Meat Significantly Increases Zoonotic Disease Risk: UN Report" (UN)

Source: The Hill, 09/16/2021