UN Adds New Disclosure Requirements for COP28 Corporate Fossil Lobbying

"Watchdog groups call the change a "baby step" toward reform, while UN chief Antonio Guterres says climate action must start with the fossil fuel industry, “the polluted heart of the climate crisis.”"

"The final, overtime hours of the COP27 global climate talks in Egypt last year were marked by breathless huddles and cajoling in side rooms and lounges as fatigued negotiators tried to finalize a loss and damage deal and decide whether to mention a fossil fuel phase-out in the final conference documents.

In those settings, lobbyists for fossil fuel industry interests have long-obstructed and delayed the actions needed to curb global warming, said Rachel Rose Jackson, with Corporate Accountability, a nonprofit policy watchdog group. But that will change with new transparency rules taking effect for the COP28 registration process starting this week, she said.

“When people log in to register for badges, there will be an announcement that says there’s a new rule,” she said. “Disclosure of affiliation will be mandatory and will be listed publicly.” The rule closes a small but significant loophole that enabled lobbyists to participate under the banners of nations or organizations without disclosing corporate ties publicly, she said."

Bob Berwyn reports for Inside Climate News June 18, 2023.

Source: Inside Climate News, 06/21/2023