State Lawmakers Take Aim At Community Air Monitoring In Louisiana

"Republican legislators have blunted the impact of citizen-led air monitoring, which is set to receive millions from the feds."

"In 2022, decades of advocacy by the Louisiana Environmental Action Network to address poor air quality near industrial facilities took a significant leap forward.

That’s when the Biden Administration awarded more than $50 million through the Inflation Reduction Act to increase air quality monitoring in some U.S. communities historically overburdened by pollution.

A year later, LEAN, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group, got $500,000, which it used to deploy a fleet of mobile air monitoring vehicles. For three months earlier this year, the cars cruised up and down the Mississippi River, collecting continuous air quality data along a 300-mile route in southwest Louisiana known as “Cancer Alley.” ...

Now Louisiana will likely become one of the first states to push back on such community-led efforts. A Republican-backed bill headed to the governor's desk will implement standards prohibiting data collected through some community air monitoring programs like LEAN’s from being used in enforcement or regulatory actions tied to the federal Clean Air Act."

Terry L. Jones reports for Floodlight May 9, 2024.

Source: Floodlight, 05/10/2024