"The Real El Niño Risks An Upset To Commodities Markets"

"Commodity investors are in a twist about the weather.

Warmer ocean temperatures last spring indicated an El Niño event was on the horizon, signaling buys, sells, and hedging positions in securities linked to products impacted by storms and droughts. Everything from sugar prices to coffee futures were retooled.

But the El Niño yawned, only to be officially declared this March. That year-long lag crimped the wide commodities market price swings on which traders profit. Now, as the El Niño is unleashed in earnest, producing weather extremes throughout the globe, investors are too timid to try and guess which way the wind is blowing -- literally."

Thomas M. Kostigen reports for USA TODAY May 15, 2015.


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Source: USA TODAY, 05/18/2015