"Floods in India, Bangladesh Leave Millions Homeless, 18 Dead"

"DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP — Army troops were called in to rescue thousands of people stranded by massive floods that have ravaged northeastern India and Bangladesh, leaving millions of homes underwater and severing transport links, authorities said Saturday.

In India’s Assam state, at least nine people were killed in the floods and 2 million saw their homes submerged, according to the state disaster management agency. Lightning strikes in parts of neighboring Bangladesh have left at least nine dead since Friday.

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In Sylhet in northeastern Bangladesh, on the banks of the Surma River, children sat on a window of an inundated house while other family members gathered on a bed inside their flooded home, some wondering how to make it through the ordeal."

Julhas Alam and Wasbir Hussain report for the Associated Press June 18, 2022.

Source: WPTV, 06/20/2022