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October 3, 2011

National Press Club Transparency Forum

“Access Denied: Science News and Government Transparency”  On Monday Oct. 3, from 3 to 5 p.m., the National Press Club will host a panel of journalists and invited administration officials to critique what journalists and the government are (or aren’t) doing to live up to the promise to make science more transparent and accessible to the public. Call the National Press Club to reserve: 202-662-7501


"Evangelicals Rally for Mercury Rules"

"If you think about it too hard, you might be bothered by the fact that many 'pro-life' members of Congress are the same ones that want to gut environmental regulations that protect expectant mothers and their unborn children. Take, for example, the bill a House subcommittee passed on Wednesday that would block the EPA from implementing rules on mercury from cement plant smokestacks, as well as other toxic emissions. The legislators behind it claim to be pro-life, which has prompted the Evangelical Environmental Network to launch a new campaign taking those lawmakers to task."

Source: Mother Jones, 09/16/2011

Will Latest Gulf Spill Report Prompt Congress To Act?

"The latest probe into last year's Gulf of Mexico blowout and oil spill -- a federal report that blames much of the disaster on poor management decisions by BP PLC -- has elicited strong but varied responses on Capitol Hill, but its chances of prompting immediate legislative action remain slim."

Source: Greenwire, 09/16/2011

"Reuters/Ipsos: More Americans Believe World Is Warming"

"More Americans than last year believe the world is warming and the change is likely influenced by the Republican presidential debates, a Reuters/Ipsos poll said on Thursday.

The percentage of Americans who believe the Earth has been warming rose to 83 percent from 75 percent last year in the poll conducted Sept 8-12.

U.S. Republican presidential candidates, aside from Jon Huntsman, have mostly blasted the idea that emissions from burning fossil fuels and other human actions are warming the planet.

Source: Reuters, 09/16/2011


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