"U.S. Green Groups Write Obama To Oppose Oil Pipeline"

"Ten U.S. environmental groups came out in support of hundreds of protesters arrested at the White House since Saturday for opposing a proposed $7 billion pipeline that would greatly expand imports of crude extracted from Canadian oil sands."

"The pipeline and processing of the oil, they claim, can potentially spill oil over a vast source of underground water, release large amounts of greenhouse gases, and damage Canadian forests.

'We want to let you know that there is not an inch of daylight between our policy position on the Keystone Pipeline and those of the very civil protesters being arrested daily outside the White House,' the head of the groups said in a letter sent to President Barack Obama.

The groups include the Environmental Defense Fund, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council."

Timothy Gardner reports for Reuters August 25, 2011.


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Source: Reuters, 08/25/2011