Oil and Gas Pipeline Disasters Fail to Spur Bill Bolstering Oversight

"The Obama administration's bid to strengthen federal pipeline oversight is raising questions from environmental groups as well as industry, suggesting that safety reforms could fail to reach a legislative fast track despite three recent high-profile ruptures along the 2.3 million miles of U.S. oil and gas lines."

Source: Greenwire, 09/23/2010

Government Secrecy Over Pipeline Location, Regulatory Neglect Challenged

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration withholds data about pipeline condition and inspections, meaning pipeline explosions caused by preventable and fixable corrosion are far more likely to kill Americans than any caused by terrorists.

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Federal Cops to Gulf Journos: Don't Dig, It's Illegal

Watch the video: Pensacola TV reporter Dan Thomas is accosted by USFWS and NPS after finding layers of crude oil (with his toy shovel) less than a foot below the surface — giving the lie to BP and government claims that beaches had been cleaned.

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AK Spill Response Tech Outdated and Underfunded, Lawmakers Warned

"A Valdez-based citizen watchdog group told legislators Tuesday that the state's arsenal of oil-response equipment lags behind modern technology and the state division that enforces the rules for preventing and cleaning up spills has an 'ever-worsening funding shortage.'"

Source: Anchorage Daily News, 09/22/2010

Senate Banking Committee Looks at Flood Insurance Rescue Wednesday

The Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday, September 22, will hold a hearing on the National Flood Insurance Program, which is teetering under some $19 billion in debt. The NFIP is set to expire Sept. 30, just as the hurricane season reaches its height. Congress has allowed the NFIP to expire four times already this year.

Source: Insurance Journal, 09/21/2010


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