"Biden Signs Tiger King Bill Into Law"

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden signed into law H.R. 263, known as the “Big Cat Public Safety Act,” which puts a slew of new amendments on an older law that regulates wildlife trafficking. The legislation bans private citizens from breeding, purchasing, and transporting big cats, mandates owners register animals they already own, effectively phasing out private ownership of big cats."

Source: Earther, 01/03/2023

"EPA Overhauls Chemical Reviews To Boost Transparency"

"EPA is taking steps to heighten transparency around its review process for new chemicals, amid an outpouring of criticism from advocates and watchdog groups who have called on the Biden administration to prioritize targeting toxic substances."

Source: E&E News, 12/20/2022

Fears Of ‘Dead Pool’ On Colorado River Grow As Drought Threatens Hoover Dam

"The Colorado River’s largest reservoirs stand nearly three-quarters empty, and federal officials now say there is a real danger the reservoirs could drop so low that water would no longer flow past Hoover Dam in two years."

Source: LA Times, 12/19/2022

"California Just Slashed Rooftop Solar Incentives. What Happens Next?"

"California sharply reduced incentive payments for rooftop solar power Thursday, taking a sledgehammer to a program that helped 1.5 million homes and businesses put solar panels on their roofs and made the state a leader in fighting the climate crisis."

Source: LA Times, 12/16/2022

"FERC Climate Reviews In Limbo As Glick Departs"

"The head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had big plans at the start of the Biden administration for assessing planet-warming emissions from new gas pipelines. But with FERC Chair Richard Glick’s time at the agency likely coming to an end, the commission’s path forward on climate assessments is as murky as ever."

Source: E&E News, 12/16/2022


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