Several More States and Provinces Hit by Fatal Bat Disease

Bat losses can have major impacts on ecosystems, as they routinely consume large quantities of insects and themselves provide food and nutrients for other plants and animals. There also are economic impacts as caves close to recreational use, in an effort to combat the spread of the disease.

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"There's No 'Plan B' for Nuclear Waste, So It Stays Local"

"Twenty concrete vaults sit side-by-side, like self-storage containers, next to the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant. These concrete tombs hold fuel cells, each containing 12-foot rods of enriched uranium. The rods are toxic and radioactive and were never intended to be stored here indefinitely, among Ocean County's 560,000 residents."

Source: Press of Atlantic City, 04/26/2010

"Fungal Disease Spreads Through Pacific Northwest"

"A rare and dangerous fungal infection named Cryptococcus gattii has been quietly spreading from British Columbia southward to the U.S. Pacific Northwest. And it's changing as it goes. ... The most striking thing about this fungus is that it's popping up and establishing itself far afield from its usual range -- possibly because of climate change."

Source: Vermont Public Radio, 04/23/2010

"Grey Whale Gorged on Debris Before It Died in West Seattle"

"Worried whale researchers in Washington state are wondering where a grey whale had been feeding before it died in West Seattle last week. The 11-metre whale, which came ashore alive, swallowed an unusual amount of garbage, including sweatpants, a towel, a golf ball, rubber gloves, drink containers and numerous plastic bags."

Source: Victoria Times Colonist, 04/22/2010


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