Global Investigative Journalism Conference

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October 12, 2013 to October 15, 2013

Every two years since 2001, the world’s investigative journalism community has joined together in a different city, and the results have been extraordinary. We’ve spread investigative reporting and data journalism around the world, sparked the creation of dozens of investigative reporting centers, and led to hundreds of great stories and collaborations.

This year, for our eighth gathering, we’re holding the Global Investigative Journalism Conference for the first time in the southern hemisphere, in extraordinary Rio de Janeiro. What’s more, we’re combining the GIJC with two other seminal events in international muckraking: Latin America’s annual COLPIN conference on investigative reporting, and the national congress of ABRAJI, Brazil’s investigative journalism association. The result promises to be the largest ever international gathering of investigative journalists. Rosental Ca

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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