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SEJ's 31st annual conference took place March 30-April 3, 2022, hosted by Rice University. Below, you'll find multimedia coverage provided by SEJ, volunteers and conference attendees.


All available audio and video recordings are posted on this page. Missing sessions had no or poor audio quality due to speakers not using the microphones. Additional coverage:

It's critically important to SEJ to gather evidence on the impact of our work. So we're tracking stories inspired by or informed by our conference in Houston. The stories don't have to be about Houston or Texas; they can be based on sources or ideas you got from being at the conference. Please help us to keep SEJ strong and share links, photos, copies of reporting generated or informed by this conference. Send your story links to Cindy MacDonald, SEJ's Web content manager. It's never too late. Please send yours! Moderators, speakers, tour leaders: We also welcome resources, tipsheets, etc., from sessions or tours that you wish to share.

Panel Moderators, Tour Leaders and Speakers:

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Wednesday, March 30
Thursday, March 31
Friday, April 1
Saturday, April 2
Sunday, April 3
Miscellaneous conference coverage (includes multi-session stories)



Wednesday, October 9


Workshop 2. Covering Oceans and Coasts


Workshop 3. Tracking Toxics Data Training Workshop


Opening Reception and Dinner at the Royal Sonesta


Thursday, March 31


Tour 1. Sustainable Fishing, Coral Health and Marine Life in the Gulf of Mexico


Tour 2. Boomtown, Flood Town: Climate Solutions for the Nation’s Oil and Gas Capital


Tour 3. Birds, Conservation, Diversity and Inclusion


Tour 5. The Future of Clean Energy


Tour 9. Highway? No Way! Why Cities Are Moving Away From Highways


Friday, April 1


Opening Plenary: New Frontiers in the Final Frontier — Reporting on Oceans in 2022

Image of Opening Plenary panelists
© Photo courtesy of Dale Willman. Click to enlarge.


Concurrent Sessions 1. Following the Money: The Profiteers Behind Environmental Damage


Concurrent Sessions 1. Dual Crises: Reporting on the Intersections of COVID-19 and Climate Change


Concurrent Sessions 1. From Oil & Gas to Clean & Fair: Restoring the Gulf of Mexico During the Climate Transition


Concurrent Sessions 1. How to Tell True Stories About Lead


Concurrent Sessions 1. Drilling Down: Using Databases To Find Stories on Oil, Gas and Mining


Concurrent Sessions 1. Covering Indian Country for Non-Natives


Concurrent Sessions 1. Believers Look Up: Covering Religious Communities’ Response to the Climate Crisis, From Eco-Grief to Solutions

  • Audio recording (00:50:09 / 17.2MB). As requested by a speaker and agreed to by all the panel attendees and the audience, a small portion of the presentation was made off the record and has been removed from this recording, with the approval of SEJ's Executive Committee.
  • Event description.


Lunch Plenary: The Energy Transition and Environmental Justice

Image of Friday Lunch Plenary panelists
© Photo courtesy of Dale Willman. Click to enlarge.


Concurrent Sessions 2. Beyond Doom and Gloom: Bringing Solutions to Your Climate Reporting


Concurrent Sessions 2. Ocean Plastic


Concurrent Sessions 2. Landfills at a Crossroads


Concurrent Sessions 2. Mapping Environmental Injustice: From Stolen Land to Cancer Hot Spots and Toxic Prisons


U.S. EPA Press Conference and Q&A Session

Image of EPA Press Conference panelists
© Photo courtesy of Dale Willman. Click to enlarge.


Saturday, April 2


Concurrent Sessions 3. Environmental Engagement Reporting


Concurrent Sessions 3. Extreme Weather: How To Report on a World That’s Warmer, Colder, Wetter, Drier and Weirder


Concurrent Sessions 3. Diving Deeper: Untold Stories of Ocean Science


Concurrent Sessions 3. At the Junction of Clean Water and Human Rights


Concurrent Sessions 3. When the Truth Is Not Neutral: The Myth of Absolute Objectivity in Reporting


Concurrent Sessions 3. Reporting From the Front Lines of Climate and Energy


Concurrent Sessions 3. Virtual Journalists' Guide to Energy & Environment in Latin America, 2022


Concurrent Sessions 4. Clearing Up the Fishbowl: EPA Press Access Roundtable


Concurrent Sessions 4. Reporting on Carbon Capture and Other Controversial Climate Solutions


Concurrent Sessions 4. Inside the Fight To Tackle Flood Risks


Concurrent Sessions 4. The Oil Industry's Big Bet on Plastic and LNG, and the Frontline Communities Organizing to Stop Them


Concurrent Sessions 4. Environmental Exposures, Health and the Media


Concurrent Sessions 4. Transportation in Environmental Coverage


Lunch Plenary: Solutions Journalism and Environmental Justice

Image of EPA Press Conference panelists
© Photo courtesy of Dale Willman. Click to enlarge.


Mini-Tour Bus Loading

Courtesy of Dale Willman



Mini-Tour 1. Attwater’s and Lesser Prairie Chicken Mini-Tour — on the Lek

Image of Saturday mini-tour 1 participants
© Photo: Tour attendees, courtesy of Mike Smith, Coastal Point.
  • Video recording of tour speaker Mike Morrow, Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge wildlife biologist, explaining to attendees the perils of trying to raise Attwater's prairie chickens in captivity.(00:02:05).
  • More photos on Flickr.
  • Event description.



Mini-Tour 2. Pavement vs. Preservation: A Paddling Adventure

Image of Saturday mini-tour 2 participants
© Photo courtesy of Nick Turner, climate change reporter, Seattle Times. Click to enlarge.



Mini-Tour 5. Explore Buffalo Bayou by Pontoon Boat


SEJ Dinner Party on Rice Campus

Courtesy of Dale Willman



Sunday, April 3

Breakfast and Books at the Houston Arboretum


Miscellaneous and/or Multiple Sessions

Topics on the Beat: