Resource Watch

Looking for better data for your reporting? World Resources Institute addressed the problems of too much inaccurate and/or incomplete data on the Internet — and too little time to dig in and analyze — by creating Resource Watch, a place for journalists to easily gather reliable data, track natural disasters as they’re unfolding, get analytical help from WRI experts, and tell the kinds of powerful, data-driven stories that resonate with readers and decision makers.
You'll find comprehensive data and maps on population, crops, droughts, fires and other natural disasters, oil spills, air quality, poverty, coastal flooding, power plants, human migration, deforestation, coral reef bleaching and more. WRI also publishes data-driven blogs and does new analysis using the platform each week.

  • Explore and visualize 260+ data sets from sources like NASA, NOAA, World Health Organization, FAO, IEA and more all in one place
  • Track natural disasters and the changing environment using 41 near-real-time data sets
  • Overlay data to do visual analysis
  • Create maps, visualizations and charts to embed in articles
  • Subscribe to updates on issues important to you



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