Toolbox: Reporting on Earthquakes

General Earthquake Information and Background

Honshu Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Clearinghouse (EERI)

An EERI clearinghouse with recon info on Sendai, where the impacts of the March 11, 2011, tsunami were catastrophic.

USGS Main Quakes Page

The US Geological Survey is the key US government scientific authority on earthquakes.

Caltech Seismology Lab

California Institute of Technology is one of the premier US geophysics research institutions. This site is loaded with authoritative practical information.

Southern California Earthquake Data Center

This multi-agency center housed at Cal Tech puts realtime data from seismo instruments in Southern California directly online.

California Department of Conservation/Dept. of Geology Quake Page

The California state agency that compiles geological information about quake-prone areas.

California Seismic Safety Commission

The California state agency that regulates the earthquake safety of structures.

 Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

Seismosurfing the Internet (no longer updated)

This site is rich in links to online info about all aspects of seismicity.

Wikipedia article on "Earthquake"

Don't knock it. Do fact check it.

FEMA Earthquake Page

This is mostly about what happens before and afterwards.

Alaska Earthquake Information Center (Main Page)

Based at Univ. of Alaska-Fairbanks, with all kiinds of info on one of the most seismically active U.S. regions.

Alaska Earthquake Information Center (Recent Earthquake Maps)

Earth Institute -- Columbia University

Columbia's Earth Institute page has info about earthquakes and other earth sciences and environmental topics.

Earthquake Maps, Data, and Realtime Alerts

USGS Earthquake Feeds and Alerts

In the news business, knowing about a quake immediately is what it's about. These feeds and alerts can help by hooking you up to the instruments in close to real time.

California-Nevada Quake Fault Maps (USGS)

These maps are useful to those in California and Nevada.

Rankings of US Geophysics and Seismology Programs

Tsunami Warning System on your mobile phone

Turn your cell phone into a real-time Earthquake & Tsunami Warning System with, an advanced web-based early warning system.

Earthquake, Seismology, and Geophysics Experts

USGS Earthquake Professionals Directory

Caltech Seismology Lab Faculty Directory

Seismolab Directory (includes staff, USGS)

Caltech/USGS Earthquake Experts Guide

MIT Earth, Atmosphere, Planetary Sciences (EAPS) Geophysics Faculty Directory

Univ. Alaska - Fairbanks: Geophysical Institute Faculty List

Columbia University Earthquake Experts

Earth Institute/Columbia Earthquake Experts List

Univ. of Nevada-Reno Earthquake Experts

Purdue University Earthquake Experts

MIT EAPS Geophysics Faculty Directory

U. Cal. Berkeley Earthquake Experts

More U. Cal Earthquake Experts

Earthquake Response and Engineering

U. Cal. - Berkeley Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

George E. Brown Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation

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