"White House Warns Biden Would Veto House Appropriations Measures"

"The White House on Monday issued veto threats against two GOP-led House appropriations bills expected to come up for a vote this week as lawmakers seek to avoid a government shutdown in November.

The administration expressed its opposition to two funding bills likely to come up on the House floor in the coming days — one that would fund the Department of the Interior, Environment and related agencies, and another that would fund the Department of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and related agencies.

The House bills would cut Department of Transportation funding by $7 billion compared to fiscal 2023 levels, $1.2 billion from HUD funding compared to 2023 levels, and nearly $4 billion from EPA funding compared to 2023 levels.

If either bill made it to President Biden’s desk, he would veto them, the White House said. Both pieces of legislation would need to make it through the GOP-controlled House and the Democratic-controlled Senate."

Brett Samuels reports for The Hill October 30, 2023.


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Source: The Hill, 10/31/2023