"What Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse Means for Climate Tech"

"The fall of Silicon Valley Bank leaves a hole in the ecosystem for financing cleantech startups — just how big remains to be seen."

"As the buoyancy drained out of the tech sector last year, leading to almost 100,000 job cuts in the US, cleantech looked like a bright spot. Investors pumped some $59 billion into climate technology companies in 2022, more than the year before, across 1,182 deals tracked by researchers at BloombergNEF.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, on which the dust is just settling after a white-knuckle weekend, is throwing a wrench into that outlook. It’s the first major headwind to blow against a boom in climate-tech investing that was capped off by incentives in the US Inflation Reduction Act last year. SVB was known as a climate bank — one that lent big to renewable energy companies, specialized in small solar projects and by its own accounting served more than 1,550 customers doing climate and sustainability work."

Olivia Rudgard, Coco Liu, Josh Saul, and David R Baker report for Bloomberg Green March 13, 2023.

Source: Bloomberg Green, 03/14/2023