Veterans Exposed To Burn Pits Will Get Expanded Health Care: White House

"WASHINGTON -- The Biden administration on Veterans Day announced a series of new support options for veterans who had been exposed to 'contaminants and environmental hazards,' such as burn pits, while serving.

The steps, which the White House detailed in a fact sheet, seek to 'improve our understanding of the health effects of military-related exposures, educate providers and veterans about these exposures, and provide timelier access to health services and benefits for individuals who were exposed.'

The measures include new efforts to determine if there are links between burn pits and rare forms of cancer.

Burn pits were used to incinerate all sorts of waste, hazardous material and chemical compounds at military sites throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Eighty-six percent of post-9/11 veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan say they were exposed to burn pits, according to a 2020 survey by the nonprofit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America."

Paul LeBlanc reports for CNN November 11, 2021.


"‘Consistently Denied’: Can Biden Help Burn Pit Veterans?" (E&E News)

Source: CNN, 11/12/2021