US Lobster Put On ‘Red List’ To Protect Endangered N. Atlantic Right Whales

"The 1m lines from pots used to catch the crustaceans are one of the two main threats to the whales, of which fewer than 340 remain".

"Lobster nets and pots have become such a threat to the survival of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales that the crustaceans have been “red-listed” as seafood to avoid by a major fish sustainability guide.

Fewer than 340 of these whales exist today, including only 80 breeding females. The population is estimated to have dwindled by 28% over the past decade.

Seafood Watch, a sustainability guide for consumers and businesses issued by Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, has downgraded Atlantic lobster caught by pot and gillnet fisheries in the whales’ range to “avoid”, its lowest rating.

The new assessment reflects the lack of “timely, effective management” to mitigate “significant risks” of entanglement and promote recovery of the species. The US lobster fishery is worth about $500m (£430m) a year."

Karen McVeigh reports for the Guardian September 8, 2022.


Source: Guardian, 09/09/2022