"U.S. Lawyer Accused Of Shooting 2 Environmental Protesters Dead In Panama"

"Shocking video shows the gunman, who police identified as 77-year-old Kenneth Darlington, opening fire on environmental protesters blocking a highway."

"An American lawyer has been arrested after being accused of shooting and killing two environmental protesters in Panama earlier this week, according to several media outlets including local networks.

Police say 77-year-old Kenneth Darlington opened fire on protesters blocking a highway in the Chame District – roughly 55 miles west of Panama City – in a demonstration against a government mining contract.

Shocking video shared on social media and by The Times & Sunday Times appears to show the gunman arguing with the group and asking them to move before shooting two people — Abdiel Díaz Chávez, who died at the scene, and Iván Rodríguez Mendoza, who was pronounced dead at a local medical facility."

Ben Blanchet reports for HuffPost November 10, 2023.

Source: HuffPost, 11/16/2023