"Truck Makers Lobby To Weaken U.S. Climate Policies, Report Finds"

"Truck manufacturers and an industry trade group privately lobbied to weaken U.S. climate policies while publicly promoting zero-emissions trucks, according to a new report from a think tank that tracks corporate influence on climate policy.

Climate watchdog InfluenceMap found trade group the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) and companies Volvo, Daimler Truck, Volkswagen (Navistar), and PACCAR opposed climate policy on the federal and the state level while publicly promoting zero-emissions fleets.

Nationally, truck manufacturers lobbied against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty truck models. The agency started phasing in new compliance and emissions standards in 2011. It's now developing new greenhouse gas requirements for heavy-duty engines and trucks that would be applied to model year 2030 trucks.

At the state level, the EMA led a lobbying campaign in several states to oppose the adoption of the Advanced Clean Truck rule (ACT), which originated in California. The rule gradually increases the percentage of electric truck sales over the coming years. California, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have adopted the ACT."

Laura Klivans reports for KQED/NPR December 8, 2022.

Source: NPR, 12/09/2022