"Supreme Court Wrestles With Case on Pigs, Cruelty and Commerce"

"A California law requiring that pork sold in the state come from humanely raised pigs posed questions about how far states can go in affecting conduct outside their borders."

"WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday considered whether California can address cruelty to animals by requiring that pork sold in the state come from breeding pigs housed in spaces that allow them to move around freely.

There was no dispute that the state could regulate the treatment of pigs within its borders. But California produces almost no pork, even as its residents consume 13 percent of the pork produced in other states.

The question for the justices was whether the law’s impact on business practices in those other states ran afoul of the Constitution."

Adam Liptak reports for the New York Times October 11, 2022.


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Source: NYTimes, 10/12/2022