"Supreme Court Rejects Navajo Nation’s Water Rights Trust Claim"

"Arizona v. Navajo Nation is the final federal Indian law case to be ruled on by the high court this term".

"The U.S. Supreme Court said the United States is not required “to take affirmative steps to secure water for the Tribe” because that provision is not explicitly stated in the Navajo Treaty of 1868, according to its ruling in a 5-4 vote in Arizona v. Navajo Nation, released Thursday.

The case was the third and final federal Indian law case this term.

Thursday’s decision reverses a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. The tribe cannot proceed with a claim against the Department of the Interior to “develop a plan to meet the Navajo Nation’s water needs and manage the main stream of the Colorado River in the Lower Basin.”"

Kolby KickingWoman reports for ICT June 22, 2023.


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Source: ICT, 06/23/2023