Seabirds on BC, WA, OR Coast Eating Bellyfuls of Plastic: Study

"VANCOUVER - Seabirds eat everything from twine, candy wrappers and Styrofoam, and their stomach contents show there's been a dramatic increase in plastic pollution off the Pacific Northwest coast in the last four decades, a new study suggests."

"University of British Columbia researcher Stephanie Avery-Gomm said the amount of plastic a northern fulmar gobbles up provides a snapshot of the garbage that ends up in a big part of the Pacific Ocean.

The results of the study mirror that of various European countries' research done last year of the notoriously polluted North Sea, although the situation seems to be improving there, Avery-Gomm said.

Necropsies of 67 of the beached gull-like seabirds collected between October 2009 and April 2010 from the coasts of B.C., Washington and Oregon indicated nearly 93 per cent of them had bellyfuls of plastic, she said."

Camille Bains reports for the Canadian Press July 4, 2012.

Source: Canadian Press, 07/06/2012