"Sea Shepherds Aim for Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Poachers"

"The Sea Shepherds have set sail for the Mediterranean to protect another giant of the sea being hunted to extinction -- and this one isn't making the sushi industry very happy.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has become famous in recent years for its campaigns against Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean. However, as the group's name suggests, it is not just a 'whale shepherd' but a shepherd for the whole sea.

The Sea Shepherds played an instrumental role in banning the killing of dolphins by US tuna companies in the 1980s. Additionally, in true maverick style, it helped to enforce that ban itself and also helped to keep Mexican tuna companies away from dolphins in the Eastern tropical Pacific."

Zachary Shahan reports for ecopolitology on May 4, 2010.

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Source: Ecopolitology, 05/06/2010