Russia Vetoes UN Resolution Linking Climate Change, Security

"The resolution proposed that the climate crisis could potentially threaten ‘global peace, security and stability’"

"Russia has vetoed a first-of-its-kind UN security council resolution casting the climate crisis as a threat to international peace and security – a vote that sank a years-long effort to make global heating more central to decision-making in the UN’s most powerful body.

Spearheaded by Ireland and Niger, the proposal called for “incorporating information on the security implications of climate change” into the council’s strategies for managing conflicts and into peacekeeping operations and political missions, at least sometimes.

The measure also asked the UN secretary-general to make climate-related security risks “a central component” of conflict prevention efforts and to report on how to address those risks in specific hotspots."

Jennifer Peltz reports for the Associated Press December 13, 2021.


"Russia Blocks U.N. Move to Treat Climate as Security Threat" (New York Times)


Source: AP, 12/14/2021