‘Reactivating’ Floodplains Along Rivers Can Be A Water Solution For Calif.

"California has lost most of its natural wetlands as rivers have been cut off from their natural floodplains. And it’s pretty remarkable what can be achieved when rivers are given space to reconnect with floodplains.

I learned more about opening up spaces for rivers to roam while working on an article about floodplain restoration efforts in the Central Valley.

These types of projects have received broad-based support in recent years as an effective nature-based solution that can bring various interrelated benefits. They include: reducing the risks of flooding in vulnerable communities downstream; capturing and storing more water underground in aquifers; improving water quality; and helping to repair ecosystems."

Ian James reports for the Los Angeles Times in The Boiling Point newsletter February 21, 2024.

Source: LA Times, 02/22/2024