"PV Module Production Doubles in 2008"

"Solar photovoltaic module production world-wide almost doubled in 2008, according to the European Commission's Joint Research Centre's eighth Annual Photovoltaics Status Report.

According to the analysis, global PV production increased to about 7.3 GW in 2008, an 80% rise on the previous year.

Europe's production of solar cells rose from 1.1 GW to 1.9 GW, while the installed capacity increased threefold to 4.8 GW. This was mainly led by Spain, where installed capacity almost quintupled from 560 MW in 2007 to 2.5–2.7 GW.

The cumulative installed PV electricity generation capacity in the world was around 15 GW, with Europe accounting for more than 60% of this (9.5 GW)."

RenewableEnergyWorld had the story October 1, 2009.


Source: Renewable Energy World, 10/01/2009