Power Companies Spend Millions To Fight Maine’s Proposed Non-Profit Utility

"Residents in Maine are about to be bombarded with a multimillion-dollar public relations campaign aimed at saving the state’s two dominant electric utilities from being voted out of existence in November.

If Mainers vote yes, they will make history – endorsing a first-of-its-kind plan to create a state-level, public power company through a hostile takeover.

But the parent companies of the existing utilities are spending millions to try and stop that.

It’s a vote which experts say could reverberate around the country as legacy, investor-owned utilities are being challenged to decarbonize while state officials adopt more aggressive climate agendas amid customer frustration at high rates and outages."

Mario Ariza reports for Floodlight and the Guardian and Tux Turkel for the Portland Press Herald June 18, 2023.

Source: Floodlight, 06/20/2023