"Pebble Sues EPA To Revive Southwest Alaska Copper And Gold Mine Prospect"

"The company behind the giant Pebble copper and gold mine project in Southwest Alaska filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday to overturn its decision last year to halt the mine.

Also, the company and the administration of Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Thursday filed separate takings claims with a federal court, seeking compensation after the EPA decision blocked the prospect on state land.

“We are filing litigation to fully contest the EPA’s unprecedented and unlawful actions against the Pebble Project,” said John Shively, chief executive of Pebble Limited Partnership, in a statement from the company. “Since our objections to the politically motivated actions by the EPA have long fallen on deaf ears, we have sued the agency in federal court in Alaska to have our issues fairly and objectively heard.”"

Alex DeMarban reports for Anchorage Daily News March 15, 2024.


"Controversial Mine Project Sues Over EPA Veto" (The Hill)

Source: Anchorage Daily News, 03/18/2024