"Before Ohio Derailment, Norfolk Southern Lobbied Against Safety Rules"

"The Trump administration abandoned rail safety rules that were pursued during the Obama era. The Biden administration is trying to revive some of them."

"Three months before one of his railroad’s trains derailed and burned in Ohio, Norfolk Southern chief executive Alan Shaw shared a picture of him and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg smiling together after a meeting in Washington.

Shaw thanked Buttigieg, saying they had discussed shared goals for economic growth and infrastructure investments. Shaw presented his railroad as a climate-friendly alternative to sending freight by truck.

“Every time we shift freight from highway to rail, we reduce carbon emissions, ease congestion, and reduce wear on the nation’s publicly funded highway infrastructure,” Shaw wrote in a LinkedIn post.

But the meeting also had another purpose, according to a memo drafted later by a Transportation Department lawyer: It was an opportunity for Norfolk Southern to raise concerns about a proposed federal rule that would require trains, in most cases, to have two crew members. Federal regulators have argued that two workers could better respond to derailments and other emergencies, but the industry has pushed back against the proposal."

Ian Duncan, Luz Lazo, and Michael Laris report for the Washington Post February 18, 2023.


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Source: Washington Post, 02/20/2023