"Nuclear Industry Push For Reduced Oversight Gaining Traction"

"WASHINGTON — Fewer mock commando raids to test nuclear power plants’ defenses against terrorist attacks. Fewer, smaller government inspections for plant safety issues. Less notice to the public and to state governors when problems arise.

They’re part of the money-saving rollbacks sought by the country’s nuclear industry under President Donald Trump and already approved or pending approval by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, largely with little input from the general public.

The nuclear power industry says the safety culture at the U.S. nuclear industry — 40 years after partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island — is “exceptional” and merits the easing of government inspections."

Ellen Knickmeyer reports for the Associated Press July 17, 2019.


"NRC Eyes Reducing Inspections Of Nuclear Reactors" (The Hill)

Source: AP, 07/18/2019