"NRC Spots Problem During Nuclear Power Plant Safety Drill"

"Beaver Valley nuclear power plant may have failed part of an April federal safety drill in which mock intruders attack the plant, federal regulators and the plant owners said on Monday."

"The Nuclear Regulatory Commission spotted a problem during the 'force-on-force' test, in which plant security and staged saboteurs battle with laser guns and other simulated weapons, according to plant owner FirstEnergy Corp. and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The commission has not made a final ruling on how severe the problem was, but plant officials corrected it before the inspectors left, according to the commission.

Its spokesman and a spokeswoman at FirstEnergy, Pennsylvania's largest electricity provider, declined to detail the issue. The company claims the plant's problem may have been the way it conducted the exercise, and not an actual security failure. It has asked to appeal any finding that the problem went beyond the lowest level of severity, spokeswoman Jennifer Young said from the company's Akron headquarters."

Timothy Puko reports for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review August 27, 2013.


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Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 08/28/2013